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Your source for Network Security Architecture, Design, and Implementation Consulting

IHTFP Consulting specializes in expert technical consulting with specialized focus on Network Security, Distributed Systems, and Cryptographic Protocols. Whether you need to create a threat model to analyze your product or want to audit your system to assure yourself of its security, IHTFP Consulting can help you. Expertise from secure system architecture and design to the implementation of the end result are ready for you, so all of your needs can be met.

IHTFP Consulting provides the following types of services:

Threat Modeling
Security Audits
Secure Distributed System Design
Expert Implementation

With a background in security systems such as Kerberos, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), OpenAFS, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS), IPsec (including Linux FreeS/WAN), DNSsec, Secure Shell (SSH), and a strong background in Unix and Linux systems, IHTFP Consulting can meet all of your security needs.

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